PEARL Literacy & Learning is a full-service educational consultancy company that assesses and designs customized literacy, learning, and professional development services for students, schools, colleges, universities, and businesses.

We specialize in:  Adult learning theory and child pedagogy, structured literacy, the science of reading, learning disabilities, dyslexia, executive functioning, language comprehension, reading and writing disorders, learning assessments and personalized learning plans, strategic planning, people and process management, leadership and professional development, and knowledge of the American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act.

  • Our mission is to improve the quality and rate of learning through developing fluent literacy (reading, writing, speaking and listening).
  • Our vision is a world where students and employees have a willingness to learn, the executive functioning and literacy skills to direct their learning, and the ability to apply knowledge to solve problems and lead teams.

The PEARL approach to developing fluent literacy and learning connects the systems of language and executive functioning through the process of attention with a systematic, personalized scope and sequence that is explicit, scaffolded and differentiated.

  • We solve learning problems by assessing the form, content and use of language during the working process.
  • Pragmatic, Expressive, and Receptive Language
  • Selective Executive Attention, Working Memory, Self-Regulation, Flexible Thinking, Critical Thinking 

If ADULT STUDENTS & EMPLOYEES 1) direct and manage the storage, retrieval, and use of information with focused attention and  fluent literacy; 2) draw on their life experiences; 3) apply knowledge to solve problems; and 4) are motivated, then they will become independent learners who can manage themselves and become leaders.

If SCHOOLS & BUSINESSES 1) define their objective, criteria, and end goal; 2) understand their learning population’s executive functioning and literacy strengths and weaknesses; 3) provide accessible, quality education and professional development; and 4) continually assess and revise goals to meet the learner’s and organization’s needs, then these organizations will achieve meaningful and measurable results.

To meet the needs of our clients, we approach our work with enthusiasm to understand each student and business’s goals. Our core values guide our practice to provide dynamic programs and services.

  • Individuality: We thrive on creative, unique perspectives and use those experiences to inform instruction.
  • Hard Work: We motivate our clients to develop resilience and mastery of skills and process to achieve success.
  • Authenticity: We assess, train, and instruct with data to produce measurable results, improve learning and performance.
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