Pay Attention to Your Inner Voice…

  • Do people tell you if you would control your ADHD or just “pay attention”, learning would be easy for you?  
  • Paying Attention” requires a system of Executive Functions to direct, plan, monitor and achieve goals. 
  •  ADHD, a pattern of behaviors that impacts performance, is managed by executive function and language comprehension.

Executive Function System

  • Verbal Working Memory: remember words, numbers, and sentences
    • I remember the directions while working

  • Visual/Spatial Working Memory: remember pictures, objects and their location
    • I retrieve information from the blackboard, notes and text.
    • I remember where my files are located and can access them without assistance
  • Filter, Interrupt and Correct thoughts and external distractions
    • Hearing a bird outside the window, I focus on reading my literature assignment.
    • I dismiss thoughts about dinner when I attend a late day meeting.  
  • Direct Task Completion through organizing  
    • I check the directions as I write my answer to verify my answer is complete. 
    • I create lists and use them to schedule my time and achieve goals.
  • Consider Different Perspectives
    • I present an argument with more than one point of view.
    • I discuss the operation plan with all team leaders.
  • Switch Between Tasks
    • I read the board, listen to the teacher, and write notes.
    • I write a proposal and respond to questions from staff at the same time.
  • Monitor and Revise Goals
    • I re-read the question, revise my paragraph and create transitions.
    • I incorporate feedback from my business unit leaders and adjust the operational plan to meet all needs.
  • Generalize, summarize, analyze, infer, explain, inform, define, compare, contrast, invent 
  • Requires using the systems of language AND executive functioning processes.
  • Learning Impact: 
    • I am a finance major and would like to start my own business.  I have sketched designs for a new system that will replace how pharmacies dispense medication and need to turn my ideas and sketches into a business proposal.
    • I am a medical student in my second year of medical school.  While I can perform clinical tasks, listening to patients explain their concerns and taking notes at the same time is difficult.
    • I am a certified plumber.  My boss requires that I write a written summary at the end of each job and review the summary with each customer.
    • I am a sophomore in high school.  I am asked to read two books and write a research paper comparing the styles of both authors.
    • I am a marketing representative.  I am asked to present a PowerPoint presentation on product trends and forecast which products to promote.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

ADHD is characterized by a pattern of behavior, present in multiple settings, that can result in performance issues in social, educational, or work settings.

Symptoms are divided into two categories of Attention and Hyperactivity & Impulsivity

Attention Focused: Difficulty Concentrating,  Difficulty Filtering and Organizing Thoughts, Initiating and Completing tasks or projects; Feeling Restless; Frequently Missing Things; Forgetfulness

Hyper and Impulsive Focused: Excessive Talking, Fidgeting, Inability to Sit Still

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