We partner with individuals, secondary schools, and businesses to analyze the strengths and gaps in literacy and learning that assist or prevent learners from acquiring, practicing, applying, and using information successfully.

We collaborate with you to discover the source of learning and performing challenges and design a plan to develop skills and achieve goals.

If you are in high school or college or an adult who working and struggle to begin and complete tasks, read, write or learn, there are gaps in the learning process that we can address. Our services include:

  • Assess and identify how your language, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills impact your learning
  • Review prior educational psychological evaluations, history, and individual work
  • Design an actionable, personalized learning plan
  • Instruct reading, writing, listening, speaking with a focus on attention, language and executive functioning skills
  • Provide executive functioning coaching with attention to language comprehension and use
  • Collaborate with other service providers, teachers, family members to monitor your progress
  • Advise and plan academic, college, and career goals

Services are billed at an hourly rate with packages and discounts available.  Click here for a free consultation.

Teachers expect students to learn new information seamlessly. However, students bring years of habits and deficiencies to each class and when these gaps in learning are not identified and supported, students cram for tests only to frustrate until the next time they are required to learn the material again.

This is why students and teachers are frustrated…

  • Students continue to struggle after peer tutoring and supplemental instruction.
  • Students “give up” and fail or drop out.
  • Teachers who do not have literacy and executive functioning training cannot reach their students.

We disrupt the cycle of frustration and develop processes for teachers and students.  Our services include:

  • Consult, evaluate and streamline your learning support services
  • Review curriculum and integrate structured literacy/executive functioning processes into content instruction
  • Design and deliver professional development sessions to develop expertise in literacy and learning including dyslexia therapy and executive functioning coaching
  • Assess and identify how reading, listening, speaking and writing challenges are impacting student success
  • Create student personalized learning plans/teacher lesson plans

At some level in your small business, corporation, private or non-profit company, there are employees inhibited by limited learning skills rooted in literacy and executive functioning deficits. 

We create an efficient process for employees to learn and to improve their performance.  Our services include:

  • Determine baseline learning, evaluate content and design professional learning plans to meet objectives.
  • Conduct needs assessments, analyze data and identify methods to develop skills and improve performance.
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for training and professional development.
  • Coach and manage learning plans for a range of clients from first line employees to C-Suite leaders.
  • Partner with your L&D team to develop content for training, coaching and certification programs.
  • Act as subject matter expert in adult learning theory, literacy, adaptive leadership, and instruction

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